Made In America (1991)
Top (left to right): Bill Clement, Jim Kat, Jeff Boalt
Bottom (left to right): Terry Boalt, Don Stroffolino

Band History

While The Southern Drawl Band primarily performed covers of popular southern rock songs, Made in America, which was in existence from 1985-1992, was known for their focus on the composition and performances of original musical content. In 1985, the band released a 45 RPM single titled “I Like ‘Em Chunky,” which was sold at all Record World and Book and Record locations, and received significant airplay on several Hudson Valley public and college radio stations. During the band’s later years, the band members performed showcase shows and opened for bands such as The Fixx, Steppenwolf, and pursuing major record label deals.

Band Members

Terry Boalt — guitar, vocals
Jeff Boalt — guitar, vocals
Bill Clement — guitar, vocals
Evan Balzer — guitar
John Ashley — drums
Don Stroffolino — drums
Tom Venibel — drums, vocals
Bill Hartshorn — bass
Jim Kat — bass


Independent Label 45 RPM Single: “I Like ‘Em Chunky” backed with “Your Love Is Wasted Away” (view record)
All the While
Forever Lonely
Never Get Away
Get Casual
You’re The Reason
A Will And A Way


“Get Casual” by Made In America – aired on 95.1 FM WRKI
Radio Ad #1: I Like ‘Em Chunky backed by Your Love Is Wasted Away
Radio Ad #2: I Like ‘Em Chunky backed by Your Love Is Wasted Away