Back during the pre-COVID days, T. Boalt and I went to Daryl’s House in Pawling, NY at the last minute to catch a performance by John Scofield. As we walked in to the venue, I caught a glimpse of the sound board: a Behringer x32. I turned to Boalt and casually said “Huh, a Behringer, I ran the same board for the plays in high school.” That piqued his interest. The. Same. Board. His response, just as casual as mine: “You know, I have an analog Mackie back at the house. If you can learn it, then maybe we can self-produce my next album.” Little did he know that high school performances aren’t much more than muting and unmuting mics, maybe automatically with some cues…but I’m always up for a challenge.

Well, ladies and gentlemen, I present to you: The Chronicles of BG Studios!

This is The Man Behind The Board. The man who knows the bare minimum about sound boards and sound equipment. The man who promised that we are going to self-produce Boalt’s next album, and I don’t break promises.

So buckle up, because shit is about to get real (and probably break along the way, like the Mackie HDR recording system…more on that coming up in the next post). It’s not often that someone gets to document the makings of a recording studio from the very beginning. This is the beginning of a wild adventure!

– The Man Behind The Board

The beginnings of BG studios.